Boy did I splurge on new kits today!

Not only did I take advantage of the sale at The Lily-Pad yesterday, and found the new kit by Amy Stoffel at Mscraps, I also couln’t help myself but get a few things at Sweet Shoppe Designs as well as a kit from Laura Banasiak at Scrap Orchard today. Very unlike me, but these kits were so awesome I had to have them. And if I didn’t get them all today, I would find myself having to buy full price when I went back to pick these up because I couldn’t get them out of my mind. See what I mean!? So really, I had no choice but the splurge a little on kits today. Here’s my new goodies that I’m itching to scrap with…

And another font from Darcy Baldwin. I live in Norway, I speak another language, and use 3 extra characters when writing. So sadly, a lot of fonts are unavailable to use for journaling because of these missing letters. Thankfully, Darcy has a ton of awesome fonts including Scandinavian letters. Thank you Darcy. Because of this, 99% of my bought fonts areare just hers.

And did I tell you that my son, who is turning 4 in April, has requested a Pirate birthday party this year. So when I saw this next kit I could not pass it. It’ll come in good use for invitations and decorations!

Aaaaand… I know, get over and done with already, eh!? I promise, just one more thing… Sweet Shoppe Designs have this gorgeous kit that will be free with purchase if you spend US$10 or more… Sweet deal!

That’s it! I must be a sucker for Valentines  and love kits ❤



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