Something raspberry from Shabby Miss Jenn

She just released this kit today, and as always, so versatile and adorable you can’t skip this kit in your collection! 🙂

And here’s my LO:

Thaty Borges also released a new adorable kit this week, called Tripping out and it’s perfect for all the upcoming travels this summer;

And here’s my LO:

Have a wonderful Friday!

Up to date!

Things are finally up to date around here, and so my itching fingers finally were able to get back on scrapping last week. I’ve since last made a few LO’s but here’s my most recent ones!

Kit: Caterpillars and Butterflies

Kit: Jot it down

Kit: Monkeying Around

Kit: Teen Years Boys

Kit: Hints of Easter

Kit: Fly Away With Me

Kit: Embrace The Everyday – Template: Little Green Frog

Kit: Go Green – Template: Little Green Frog

Okay, guess that’s it for now! 🙂

House is sold!

Well, I’ve been a bit MIA lately, and it’s becasue DH and I have deided to split and head seperate ways from here on. So our house needed to be sold, I had to move in with my parents for a while and things have just been a bit crazy. Well, our house sold Monday and although things are still far from settled, I figured a little update was way over due.

My son will be turning 4 next month. Kind of nuts to think about my baby being that big! I just finished his birthday invitations tonight, using Lauren Grier and Shawna Clingermans kit “Me Heart Be Yers”, available at Sweet Shoppe.


Obviously it’s a Pirate themed birthday 🙂

New Template!

I have a new, free template for you. It’s only in .psd but if someone would like a .tif file let me know.

CLICK HERE to download.

Today is Mother’s Day here in Norway, so have a great day to all the Mothers out there!


Traci Reed Freebies

I know I’ve shared some freebies from Traci Reed before, but I just re-visited her website today and found THIS, a ton of adorable, usable and awesome freebies. I myself got lots of goodies, and of course I have to share this with you. Go take a look! Here’s just a couple of the fun stuff!

Phew, know what I mean? Definitely go check out what else she has, it’s so worth it! 🙂

Love Bug Freebie Mini Kit

Okay, so while I  used to design, I sometimes did blog trains. I just found this mini kit that used to be part of a blog train, added a frame to the deal, and decided to re-release.

CLICK HERE to download. Enjoy 🙂

Who else could not wait for this weekend to arrive? I am thankful for these 2 days off work, and I am eager to get some more LO’s done. I do however, despite busy days working and caring for my little hero, have some new LO’s to share. I am pretty stoked about sharing them, as 2 LO’s I’ve done are for 2 NEW CT’s I got accepted to.

I, along with these other talented ladies, got  a spot with Thaty Borges Designs! Thank you Thaty for wanting me on your team, and congrats to the other girls.

So I had this gorgeous kit to work with last weekend (click the image and it takes you to the store):

And created this LO:

And then earlier this week, I got an email from Shabby Miss Jenn, that she wanted me on her team also! Are you kidding me?? I was so excited, I now CT for 2 awesome designers, and guesting for PtiteSouris. Awesome! Thank you Jenn for having me on your team! 🙂

So Miss Jenn had the cutest pup kit ready just waiting for us to dive into (click it to get it on sale right now! Great deal!);

And my LO using this kit (and Traci Reed’s slip ins):


okay, so I’m a fan of Adele and I love some of her songs. But last night, while watching the Norwegain version of “The Voice” a new artist took the song “Someone Like You” to a whole new level for me. Which, is in fact, a challenge as it’s one of my fave songs and Adele really nails her version. Anyway, I know this blog is usually about scrapping but this clip from YouTube is worth blogging about!

New freebie!

Okay, so, a good old classic. I pulled this one out of a template pack that I used to sell, and decided to  give this to you for free.

I recently started designing a new mini kit, but since I’m determined to make designing just FUN, I have no idea when it’ll be done. I’m definitely only pulling it out whenever I feel the need to design.Keep tight though, maybe it’ll be there before you know it. And make sure you follow my blog so you can get your hands on the freebies as soon as they come out!


Fonts Galore!

When it comes to my journaling on my LO’s, I use fonts created by Darcy Baldwin. Like, 99.9% of the time! Not only does she have some beautiful, fun, sweet, playful fonts that looks like they are handwritten, but she also includes characters such as ÆØÅ (and others). I used to write my journaling in English just so I could have a bigger variety in fonts but now with Darcy to the rescue, I can journal in Norwegian. And it’s great!

Just today, I decided to get my own handwriting done by Darcy. It’s on sale this week because of the SSD birthday sale. You rarely find these custom fonts on sale, so this is a steal.

I also got a couple other fonts that I can’t wait to try on my LO’s! Thank you Darcy, for thinking of us foreigners 🙂